When Your Car Makes Noise

You turn the ignition and your car starts but it's making a noise that it didn't before. You have no clue what the noise is or if it's causing harm to your car. We have all had that same moment of automotive despair.

ClingClaner on your phone will empower you when unusual noises come from your car. With ClingClanger you will learn to recognize those noises.



ClingClanger turns your smart phone into a library of car noises that can help you diagnose a car problem.

Listen to the noises and try to match one in the library with the noise your car is making.

All you have to do is listen to the library of car noises or follow the easy to understand explanation of where car noises come from and see if we can find a noise like your car is making.

The sound database is not a substitute of preventive maintenance by a qualified mechanic. Never attempt to match sound while you are driving your vehicle. Certain sounds may have multiple systems capable of emitting them.

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